My Feet and I Are Ready!

As you read this, I'm literally somewhere over an ocean on my way to Thailand for the 2017 Stampin' Up! incentive trip!  I should be a little over half way through the second leg of my trip, which is 16-1/2 hours.  I still have two more flights to go, but they'll seem like a hop, skip, and a jump compared to this one!  By the time we get to Thailand, we'll have been in the air over 24 hours!  I downloaded 4 books to my Kindle . . . I hope that's enough!


Yes, my feet and I are ready!  That may sound goofy to you, but to me, it's wonderful!  Warning . . . if you have a queazy stomach or are grossed out by feet, consider yourself warned!  One of the side effects (little know I might add) of chemotherapy is the potential loss of fingernails and toenails.  While I didn't actually lose any of my fingernails, they became grossly discolored and separated from my finger tips.  Fortunately they eventually grew out and only one is yet to return to its normal state.  (Nail polish is a godsend!)  My feet are an entirely different story and in fact, the effect came so much later that it really took me off guard.  Nearly 4 months after completing chemo, the toenails on my big toes (yes, only the big ones) began to disconnect from my toes to the point that about only 1/4" remained attached near the nail bed.  While wearing flip flops in Florida in February, I caught one of them on a chair and it snapped off, leaving only that 1/4" stub.  One doesn't realize how much she should appreciate her toenails until one of them goes missing!  About a month ago, the other toenail decided it had had enough and came off as well.  I can't tell you how much I love and appreciate my nail tech, Katie!  She works miracles.  I now have acrylic tips on my big toenails (who would've thought?) that will remain until my new nail grows out long enough.  Through all of this, I have learned to be grateful for more of the small things that I've always taken for granted.  You can see the transformation in these photos!  (I wish I had taken photos back in February when it first happened, but you'll get the idea!)


Feet Before Feet During Feet After

It's difficult to put into words how grateful I am to be going on this trip!  First, it's a trip of a lifetime . . . not only because of the destination . . . for me it's mostly because of the people I get to share it with!  I so look forward to reconnecting with demonstrators that have become friends.  I don't get to see them often enough!  I'm also looking forward to connecting with some that so far I've only connected with online.  Stampin' Up! literally spoils its demonstrators rotten!  There will be pillow gifts every night (Dave will most likely get several, too!) and prizes to win everyday.  I've had to plan for extra room in my luggage to get all the loot home!


But by far, the biggest reason I have to be grateful is being on the other side of breast cancer!  I had my final reconstruction surgery just 6 weeks ago and have the all clear to travel . . . with a few restrictions . . . like not hoisting my carry-on bag up into the overhead bin on the plane.  (Dave has to earn his keep on this trip somehow!)  Looking back the year went by quickly!  When I stop to consider all that I've endured, I must give credit to the God who sustained me.  Not only did He sustain me, His Spirit within me allowed me to thrive. Just last week, I experienced even more of His healing touch. Radiation had taken its toll on the left side of my body and left me very tight and stiff.  It was difficult to raise my arm up higher than my elbow.  Most of the time I was experiencing a fair amount of discomfort and quite often it was downright painful.  I would catch myself massaging under my arm and up into my armpit and sometimes even supporting that area with my right hand.  At church on Sunday, we were encouraged to seek more of God . . . more of what He has planned for us (individually).  I didn't know what that might look like, but I knew I didn't want to miss out on anything God would want to do.  As I stood worshiping and focusing on His goodness and His majesty, I discovered that I was raising both of my arms as high as they could go. . . without any pain!  That pain has been gone ever since!  I don't know how He does it, but I know He does!  Why He chose to heal me, I do not know.  What I do know is it has nothing to do with me and everything to do with Him.  "My help comes from the LORD, the Maker of heaven and earth." Psalm 121:2  The more I know Him, the more I know this to be true. I can always depend on Him and am encouraged to seek Him even more!  How about that to start off a vacation?  I probably didn't need an airplane to take flight!


One of the things we crazy demonstrators do while on the Stampin' Up! incentive trip is swap cards!  (It's always optional, but I don't want to miss out!)  Just thought I'd share my swaps with you today!


Tranquil Tulips Swap


Wood Words Swaps


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  1. Your post is so inspiring. I am fighting stage 4 breast cancer and Stampin’ Up! is my therapy to keep motivated. Being a demo helps fill in the day preparing for workshops and club. Thank you for your encouraging words and enjoy your trip!

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