See the Blendabilities Markers in Action Today . . . Order Yours Tomorrow!


Only one more day and Stampin' Up!'s NEW Blendabilities Markers are available to order!  I'm excited for you to see them in action!  I've posted a great "How To" video at the end of my post, but first I have to share a sad tale (that will be a happy tale soon) with you!  (Insert hard working face!) 


While on vacation, we found out that we had some serious water damage due to all the rain in the Mpls/St. Paul area over the week of June 16-20.  Here's the sad news. . . my beautiful classroom was flooded!  There was over an inch of standing water covering the entire floor! But a rainbow followed in the form of a dear friend, Duane, who volunteered to remove the soaked carpet so we could remain on vacation.  Reality hit on Saturday night as we arrived home to see the disarray!  However, it is now completely dry and ready for a new floor.  You know the old saying. . . "one project, begets another"?  Well, I see painting in my future, too, since all the furniture is moved!  This week I'll be learning how to lay vinyl plank and my classroom should be ready for stamping on July 8th for my Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Class class!


Here's what you see when you walk down the stairs.

Basement 001

Here's the view from my Big Shot table, which is now in the middle of the floor!

Basement 2


So, I'll bet you're wondering "What will you be doing at your Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Class on July 8th, Georgia?  (Please play along!)  Will you use the NEW Blendabilities Markers?  (Hmmm. . . that's a great idea, Georgia!)  YES!


Here's a little sneak peek of the amazing things you can do with them!



You'll find the item numbers and the additional products available on July 1st here!


So there's not much stamping in my near future. . . but I will still have ideas to share later in the week, so be sure to stop by!


So remember, you can order your Blendabilities Markers and MYou can shop with me online 24/7!  (. . . when you do, please select "allow demonstrator to contact me" so I can send you a handstamped "thank you"!)

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Happy Stampin'




  1. Yikes! We once again we had water. So tired of rain.
    I think one wall should be a mural and we should try out the new Blendability markers by coloring in the mural.
    You can hand stamp a great scene with all those stamps you have.
    Just a suggestion. LOL!

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