I’ve Conquered the Hexagon Hive Thinlit and the Results Are Pretty!


It's true confession time today! I've been a chicken! The Hexagon Hive Thinlit has been sitting in my drawer for months . . . unused because . . . I was afraid of it! My first attempt to use it resulted in torn paper and utter failure, so I did what any chicken would do. . . I put it away and forgot about it!  When I saw that it made it into the new catalog, I knew that I would have to conquer my fear because Georgia Giguere will not own things that she does not use!  That's that! And guess what. . . just like most FEARS (False Evidence Appearing Real), it was not based on reality or truth.


It actually turned out to be no big deal and I quickly made the card I'm sharing and it was one of the cards for my June Tips, Tricks, and Techniques Class.  Following the class, I cut paper for 20 more for a card swap and they are done!  Silly chicken!


I will share a few of the tips I learned along the way, however, and your first experience might be a little better than mine!


Hexagon hive card


The only way I will use this die is to use it with some type of adhesive sheet AND wax paper (or the protective layer that you peel away from your adhesive sheet works awesome).  It comes out of the die so much easier and the pieces pop out easier, too!


So, here's the set up:

  • Cut cardstock and adhesive sheet or transfer sheet 4" x 5 1/4"
  • Apply adhesive to one side of cardstock, following package instructions (I tried the multipurpose adhesive sheets and the NEW Transfer Adhesive Sheets, both worked great!)
  • Layer on Magnetic Platform in this order:
    • Cutting Pad
    • Cardstock, adhesive sheet side down-cardstock side up
    • Protective layer from adhesive sheet or wax paper
    • Hexagon Hive Thinlit
    • Cutting Pad

Step 1 Hexagon Hive

Step 2 Hex Hive


Warning!  Be prepared for a lot of crunching noise as you run it through your Big Shot!  To remove your hive from the die, I used my Paper Piercing Tool to help me get a hold of one of the corners that has more cardstock remaining, then gently pull from the die. You'll be able to adhere your cut Hexagon Hive to your card easily as it already has adhesive on the back!  Yeah!


You'll want to save several (I used 5) of the little hexagon punch outs to make hexagon embellishments for your project.  Simply peel the backing off and stick to the backside of the patterned paper you choose to use and trim around the cardstock with your paper snips.


Step 3


To make the bookmarks that I showed in my previous post, here's how it looked for with a narrower piece for the bookmark (cardstock is cut to 2" x 6", transfer adhesive sheet is cut 2" x 5-1/4").

Bookmark 1

I hope this helps someone else be brave and try the Hexagon Hive Thinlit!


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Thanks for stopping by today!  Happy Stampin'



  1. It doesn’t sound like you adhered the adhesive sheet to your cardstock. Would it work to adhere it to the cardstock first then proceed? If that would work, you would be able to attach it to your card using the already adhered adhesive sheet, and, the little hexagons would be ready to use on another card. I don’t have this die yet, so I’m just throwing this out there.

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