Do you love what you do?

I have been a demonstrator for 14 years now and can't imagine what my life would be like without all that I've gained during my association with Stampin' Up!  Whether you love the idea of getting a discount on the products you love and already buy or would love to eliminate a monthly bill to supplement your family's income, Stampin' Up! provides a great opportunity!  And I didn't even mention the crafting friends you'll gain!

Listen to some of my friends share about what Stampin' Up! has meant to them!


I can't watch this without having tears coming to my eyes!  Suzie has been a role model and friend since I started with Stampin' Up! Even while fighting a battle with ALS, her love for Stampin' Up! and positive outlook continue to shine through!  She's an inspiration to us all!


Here's my question to you:  "Why not try Stampin' Up!?"  I'll share with you what my husband told me when I contemplated signing up. . . "What's the worst that can happen?  You'll have fun and get a great deal on the product you want"!  So. . . WHY NOT?  Why not give it a try. . . you'll get $125 worth of SU product for $99 (free shipping) and until August 31st, you even get a bonus kit!


Check out my previous blog post for all the details!


I'd love to help you discover what you can do with Stampin' Up! even if it's only to maintain the discount for as long as you want!

Happy Stampin'


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